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Getting started

This is the place to purchase your tree and/or accessories for this Christmas. There are two easy ways to order your trees online, the Guided Checkout (recommended) or the Express Checkout. Once you have completed your order present your order/receipt number at the farm, or one of our locations and pick up your tree at Christmas time. Remember the earlier you purchase your tree the bigger the discount. See pricing below.



If you purchase more than one tree you receive a 10% discount on all trees! Remember the earlier you purchase your tree the bigger the discount. See pricing below.

Christmas Tree Prices 2024

A BIG thank you to all those people who purchased a Christmas tree and/or Christmas tree stand for Christmas last year. Our prices for Christmas trees for 2024 are $95. We still have our early bird discounts. Trees can be purchased for $75 if purchased between January and March, so shop now.

In December 2024, all trees up to 213cm or 7 foot in size will be $95 including GST. All trees over 213cm will be charged additionally.

Heavy duty Christmas tree stands, for trees over 8 foot, are available at $100 including GST. Standard Christmas tree stands are $75 including GST.

If more than one tree is purchased a 10% discount applies to all trees purchased.

Early Bird Discounts

Christmas trees and gift vouchers can be purchased early, at huge discounts. The earlier you purchase, the bigger the discounts.

Please bring your order number and pick your Christmas tree up in December. A tree can be given as gifts to family and friends. They can then come out to the farm, or one of our other locations and choose their own Christmas tree.

View prices on the right for 5-7ft trees.

Month Price* Saving
Jan-March $75.00 $20.00
April-June $80.00 $15.00
July-August $85.00 $10.00
Sept-Oct $90.00 $5.00
Nov-Dec $95.00