Christmas Trees

Caring for your Tree

To some, Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a real Christmas tree. Make sure you follow these steps to get the best out of your tree.

The following are a few hints to help you select that perfect tree, whether you will purchase it from us or from elsewhere.

  1. Preparation
  2. Choosing your tree
  3. Keeping your tree fresh

1. Preparation

Decide on where you will place the tree. Will it be seen from all sides or will some of it be up against a wall? Be sure to choose a spot away from wind and sun.

Measure the height you have available in the room where the tree will be placed. There’s nothing worse than bringing a tree home only to find it’s too tall. Take a tape measure with you. Remember a tree in a farm plantation will look relatively small but will be much bigger than you thought when you get it home!

2. Choosing your Tree

Choose a fresh tree! A fresh tree will have a healthy green appearance with few browning needles. Needles should be flexible and not fall off if you run a branch through your hand.

Make sure the handle, or base, of the tree is straight and at least 20cm long so it will fit easily into your stand.


3. Keeping your tree fresh

Now that you and your family have chosen that perfect tree it’s time to bring it home. If you’re not putting the tree up right away, store it in a sheltered, cool place until you are ready to decorate it.

When you’re ready to decorate the tree, cut about 1cm off the base and place the tree in a bucket of water or a suitable stand. A tree will absorb as much as 4 litres of water in the first 24 hours and one or two litres a day thereafter. Water is important because it helps to prevent the needles from drying and drooping. Water also keeps the tree fragrant.

When the water level does drop, get a knife or saw and make some cuts into the bark below the water line. This allows the tree to absorb more water as the base will sap over.

Keep the tree stand filled with water.

First 24 Hours 4L Water
Next 1-2 Days 2L Water

Commercially prepared mixes, aspirin, sugar and other additives added to water are not necessary. Research has shown that plain old tap water will keep a tree fresh.